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Internal Bug Fixes

(This is now old information, as the issue is resolved with .82. )

Just for your information, release .81 Export Dataset performance was much slower than recent releases. Twelve actions that downloaded approximately 500,000 records total have required about four minutes to run. In .81, the time was 15-19 minutes, as it was in much older releases.

Whatever optimization to export you had incorporated pre-.81 and again in .82, keep them there. THis makes a significant difference in one of our primary uses for TOAD.

It is possible but unlikely that either a network issue between my TOAD client and the server or an issue with the server itself could have coincided with .81 and caused slow results. I usually see issues with other applications whenever the servers are stressed or my network connection is slow. This looked like something specific to beta ,81 release.

I appreciate the heads up, but as far as I know, we didn’t do anything in .81 and then un-did it in .82 (or vice versa) that would account for what you saw.

When the slowness happened, did you compare to Toad 13.1?

Also, which export formats were you using?

No, I don’t have 13.1 configured other than to authenticate use of the Beta version. Beta does everything I need reliably.

The 12 actions produce Delimited Text, most with Tab delimiters, a couple are .CSV to make them useful in Excel. All in UTF-8 encoding. Most are flat exports of single tables with IDs and text fields, but there is one export from a “party” table (not literally, trust me) with over 100 million records and requires a join query to send me only those records relevant to my task. The Oracle server does a bit of crunching on that particular one.