Duplicate method in Navigator

64-bit. This has been going on for some time.

When I hover over the last method in Navigator, it often shows twice afterwards. Clicking within the Navigator panel gets rid of it again.


Can you reproduce this?

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Still happening, can you reproduce it?

No, I can't. Maybe settings related? If you send me yours, I'll try again.

You probably know my email address, but it's in this post if you need it.

I've seen this error in one of previous betas, and I could reproduce the issue.

@urban.tamas Thanks!
Can you still reproduce it? Because for me it does not seem to happen with any more.

No. I've seen this error in betas around February and March.
In the last couple of betas I wasn't able to reproduce.

Thanks John,
looks like I can't reproduce it any more. I'll let you know in case it happens again.