[16.0.90] revoke privilege doesn't work from schema browser

revoke privilege doesn't work from schema browser.
Go in LHS to users and click on a user.
Go in RHS to object grants tab and show grants received.
Click on one object row and then click the icon revoke selected object grants.
Then you get error: ora-00911 invalid character.

Does the username require double-quotes around it? I see a problem in the current version if it does. It works fine for me otherwise.

Same behavior in version 16.0. I'll fix.

username starts with ops$

any other special chars? I don't have any problem with a user called OPS$X.

If not, can you turn on spool sql and post the offending query here?

Toad executes the revoke command with missing apostrophes around the username, like this:

revoke select on table from ops$domain\username1;

instead of:

revoke select on table from "ops$domain\username1";

Yes I figured there was some other character in there that made it require the double-quotes.

This is fixed in today's beta, if you want to get it. You'll have to upgrade to version 16.1 first though...the beta won't run without the latest version installed.