[16.2.64] Describe: Column multi-select with [CTRL] (control key) clears previous selection

Open describe window on a table, click a column name to select, control-click another name and it deselects the first column. Shift-click to range select still works. Recent issue (16?).

While your there, having completed a selection you used to be able to click on any of it to drag it to the editor window. Now you must drag as part of your last selection click. Broken in Toad 14.0.

Hi John.

If you want to do selects this way in the grids, you have to right-click and turn on row select. Row select will be remembered once you turn it on.

This will also solve your drag problem.

I see the same behavior in 14.0, so I suspect you have row select enabled in 14.0 but not 16.2.


Confirmed as a case of USER ERROR. Thanks John

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This also came up through support today.
It seems that somewhere along the way we changed the default setting for rowselect in the "Columns" grid.

We're bringing rowselect back as the default in 16.2.

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