[17.0.41] Full qualified trigger name when loading from the schema browser

When a trigger is sent from the schema browser to the editor, the trigger name is always loaded full qualified. It is even double quoted, like this example.


I know this options in the schema browser:

Is there another setting which may causing this?


It should follow this option, and it seems like a bug that it is not.

Instead, if the trigger was created with the schema name, then it is left in there, otherwise it is not.
I'll fix.

As a workaround, if you set the option as you noted, then you can use this button instead. It just copies the text from the script tab into the Editor.

This is my current setting:

And the trigger is from the same schema.

When I use this button:

the trigger name is full qualified.

Using this button:

works (as you've mentioned).

However, my attempt was from the trigger list of the corresponding table.

Does the setting you've mentioned apply to this way as well?


Oh, you are on SB-Tables-Triggers.

The bug that I mentioned (not following the Editor option) applies there too.

The only workaround I see from there is Select all, CTRL+C, and paste it into the Editor yourself.

Sorry about that. I'll have it fixed for next beta.