Looking for better way to modify automation files when connection setting change

There is one major change I would love to see. currently, the automation works well for one user but for a second user to take over, or if the automation goes from one location to another, you must modify the Automation/Import/Export scripts in Note pad. This is frustrating, time-consuming, and prone to errors (either typos or missed files). It would be helpful if this were either not required or an interface (like in the toolbar) was available that would allow you to type in the new user name/id and/or path to allow a quick change of any/all files. For example: if I needed to change an export file and it went from one user to another I would have to open Notepad/Visual Code or similar to find the string: FilePath="C:\Users\ss1234\OneDrive - ANY&Company Services, Inc\PersonalShareData\My Code\Product Search\Internet File.sql" and then change this to the correct user and path and repeat this on all files. If you could make an interface in the tools menu to allow this to be modified simply it would be a great benefit.