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32-bit client required message

hi i am using oracle 12.0.1 using ,i install toad 11.5 but it shows error like this plz solve this error

ERROR: no valid oracle clint found .please note that toad only supports 32 bit oracle clint installation .please view the release notes for addintional systems requirements

This post is irrelevant to the thread you replied to. Start your own thread. Also, read the release notes… the System Requirements section. You probably don’t have a 32-bit client as the message suggests or possibly Toad is not detecting your Oracle 12 client as it’s much newer than Toad 11.5. I suspect you either don’t have a client or you have a 64-bit client installed.

EDIT: The message was split out into its own thread.

if you are using the 32 bit Oracle client then please make sure you use the 32 bit Toad product.

The message you posted makes me think that you are trying to use the 64 bit Toad with a 32 bit version of Oracle.

Also, the 11,5 release you are working with is quite old. The current version is 12.10 so you may want to consider upgrading your copy of Toad.