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No valid Oracle clients found ...

Good Afternoon TOAD community,

    No valid Oracle clients found...

    How I got here:

Started with working Oracle and TOAD 64-bit. Uninstall both.

Installed TOAD and Oracle 12c 32-bit; changed environment varaible to new 32-bit path.

get error message.

How do I fix this?


Hi Larry,

did you install a 32 bit Toad to match the 32 bit Oracle client? You need to have both the same “bitness”.

You can run 32 bit apps on 32 or 64 bit systems but a 64 bit app needs 64 bit dlls etc. Toad, if 64 bit, needs a 64 bit client, and similarly for 32 bit Toad, it needs a 32 bit client.


Norm. [TeamT]