5.5.4: formatter review options not working

I installed the 5.5.4 above 5.5.3 and the formatter inline advice do not compley with my code review options. I mean I deselct some of the reviews but the advice notice still appears!

Hi Felipe,

do you mean that it worked as you wished in the 5.5.3, but the problem occured after upgrade? If this is a case we need to look why this happened, otherwise we probbaly cannot do much as Formatter Plus is a third party code included in SQL Nav and it hasn’t been upgraded for a long time. BTW, we are planning to replace it after 6.0 release (probably 6.1), with a new formatting tool, currently being developed in-house.


Yes it worked with 5.5.3!

Will that be corrected due that it worked in the previous release?

If it’s a regression problem, then yes, we will endeavor to fix it!!
We don’t want to move backwards in functionality.

  • Jaime -

I found out the origin of the error.
I have also instaled the Quest Code tester and formatter was pointing to the opt from that system when I edited it.
Reinstalling SQL Navigator and changing the opt that formatter opened fix most of the reporting problem (I still have to enter 2 times in formatter for it to format the code was I want.

Thanks for the update!!
That is some good investigating on your part… certainly makes our job easier

  • Jaime -

We were able to reproduce this issue and found a bug. Indeed, Quest Code Tester, if installed, overwrites usual SQL Navigator’s PATH for formatter options (fmtOptions.opt) with its own path. Hence a problem for you. We take it aboard to to fix it, when we have new formatting tool available to us in one of the future releases.

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