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6.4, Not enough edit space in Trigger Editor:



This is from my colleague Alex:

In formerversions the details, when and dependencies tabs where separate tabs in thetrigger editor.
Now, they are use about 60% of the space from trigger editor.
It is a pity, because changes of the position for the details are not saved andonly reminded in the current session of the Navigator.

My request:

let the userdefine the appearances of the details in the preferences.
I need the maximumspace of the editor, because the most of our trigger had more than 50 rows andit is better to see the maximum of them.
The details are configured mostly atthe beginning of making a trigger. Changing the code had a greater frequency.





Hi Andre and Alex,

This has been already raised by Filipe and one of our external customer case. We are working on the layout and also trying to make the position of the spitter persistent in the next release v6.5 for you.

Thanks and regards,