SQL recall / editor resize

If I have the editor open and press F8 to for sql recall and then resize to show more of the recall it behaves strange.
It has two off the resize/drag cursors <-||-> next to each other with only a few pixels apart.
One is on the left border of the editor and the other on the far right of the recall window

If I take the wrong one I get a useless gray area instead of a wider recall window

It does not seem to happen for a newly opened editor tab, but as soon as I have some code in the editor it happens. I have line numbers turned on and am using 15.1 64 bit version

Thanks. I can reproduce that.

The useless gray area is where the navigator is shown. If you right-click it and choose "Navigator", it will appear there. I'll see if I can fix that. Thanks.

A workaround for now - un maximize the editor before adjusting SQL Recall size. Then you won't get the wrong splitter