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64 bit TOAD?

Is there a 64 bit version of TOAD (or one that is in development).

Seems that if I load 64 bit Oracle, I have to use 32 bit client. Does that mean
I’m not taking advantage of all that memory I bought?


It’s on the horizon. We’ve got a 64 bit compiler, but we have to
wait for our 3rd party components to get updated to the new version. After
that we’ll probably have a good bit of work to do.

Your 32 bit Toad will use about 2.5 Gb of memory.

There is really no reason for toad to use that much memory – unless
you’re doing massive fetch all rows to data grids for billion row tables
– and then your network admin will be coming to see you ….
There’s simply no real advantage other than on having to install one
client – which only requires under 100K if you use the oracle instant
client for the 32-bit copy.