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"Access violation at address 00000000. Read of address 00000000" in Toad

Hi, I am running version 11.8 (Toad for Oracle) but from what I have read the problem (known memory leak) existed in 12.8 and 12.10 and is still being researched and that is fine. I have been dealing with this since about 2008 and I have learned to work around it and/or save my stuff so I can stop Toad from running with Task manager.

I just had a few things I wanted to share with the tech developers of Toad some observations. Some that seem to cause the issue and some things I have noticed when the issue occurs.

  1. If I do not firmly hold down the [shift] [F9] combo, I get the error

  2. If I have a connection timeout (unknowingly) and attempt to run a script, pressing reconnect 9/10 time will work. Selecting the OK button will hang it up.

  3. Every single time the error occurs, if I look in Task manager, RealPlayer.exe is running and sometime consuming an exorbitant amount of memory,but EVERY TIME consuming a lot of CPU%

  4. If I am connect to 4 different instances and have way too many tabs open (I KNOW THIS IS MY FAULT) and dont restart my machine for about 4 days (again my fault) will eventually cause the error LOL.

Thank you so much for listening,


Have a nice Cinco de Mayo

I also have this issue, but it is not caused by any of the above. Rather, it happens whenever I connect to my desktop via Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc.exe), or when I return to my desktop after an RDC session. Then this error will pop up repeatedly - more when I have multiple windows open in Toad.