Access Violation


I’m on Toad Beta and ran into an access violation, reading from address 0.

I was busy deploying a small change to a host of databases.
So logon, drag in 2 scripts, Hit F5, close edit window, hit F5 for the second script, logoff

Repeated that roughly a dozen times, then hit the AV:

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Abe Kornelis

I just ran into a second occurrence of the same issue.
This time it happened on the second schema I logged on to, so this error log should be a lot cleaner:

Hope this helps!

I’m not able to reproduce, can you explain more about your Editor setup at the time of exception? The call stack shows a failure when trying to retrieve the value of an identifier when mousing over as if you were debugging. That code is also wrapped in a check to only enter if you are debugging; however, active debugging should prevent F5 from working. Were you debugging at the time? Also when you say drag 2 scripts in, execute one, close edit window, execute the other how exactly are you doing this? When I drag 2 scripts in from Explorer both go to a single edit window as separate tabs so I need to execute both before I can close it.




First of all, it does not occur on demand. The symptoms recur after a variable number of attempts.
Maybe it’s in the tiny details of what exactly I 'm doing, or maybe there’s something random involved.

Yesterday evening I had another occurrence, on the eighth database where I was deploying the software.

A more detailed description of actions leading up to the event:

  • In the project view I right-click on the schema, then select editor
  • I block two scripts (package header and body respectively) in windows explorer
  • I drag and drop the block of two files into the editor window, which opens them into two separate tabs
  • I click in the text of the package header (to assure correct scope)
  • I hit F2 to open the script output window
  • I hit F5 to execute the script: it compiles the package header and then executes an anonymous block to log the installation
  • I close the editor tab that holds the pkg header definition
  • I click in the text of the package body definition (because I’m paranoid about scope :wink:
  • I hit F5 to execute the second script: normally, it compiles the package body and then executes an anonymous block to log the installation
    when things go wrong I get the AV exception before the package is reported as compiled.
    after clicking the AV away, compile is reported ok and the anonymous body is executed.
  • I click database in the main toolbar, then schema browser.
  • I open the current schema, then broken object to validate all is well
  • I close the connection.

Repeat that a number of times and sooner or later I’ll run into the AV, reading from 0.

I hope this helps.
If you have any additional questions, please let me know.
I’ll be happy to gather any additional data you may need.

However, today is my last working day of the year.
So if we don’t get it pinned today, we’ll have to resume after Jan. 1st.

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