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Access Violation

I keep getting the error of "Access Violation". I am on Windows 10. I have attached a screenshot and the error information generated by Toad. I am not sure if this is a Toad issue or not.

Toad.el (5.8 MB)

Can you give some steps to reproduce the problem?

Please ignore. I had multiple copies of Oracle installed and that was the problem.

You mean that you had multiple Oracle clients installed? That should not cause this.

If you know how to make it happen, please let me know. Toad should never throw an access violation.


Please see the attached. Sometime after step 3 I will get the windows dump.

That one sometimes happen if you:

  1. make a connection in Toad.
  2. end that connection but don't close Toad
  3. make a connection using a different oracle client.

If you need to have multiple clients installed, that is OK, but it is best to close toad completely before switching Oracle clients. The reason is that sometimes the Oracle client DLLs don't get unloaded completely and then if you try to change from one client to another in Toad, you'll end up with DLL's from different clients getting used at the same time.

I don't think that is related to the error in ER diagram. If that one comes back, please let us know.


Will do. Thank you