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Access Violation

I received to "Access Violation" errors today. In the first instance I was looking at the schema browser and clicked on the session browser. When I clicked on the session browser the access violation error occurred. In the second occurrence I hit page-up while in the editor window. I have attached the error reports I have.

2ndOccurrenceAccessViolaton2020Aug25.txt (97.4 KB) AccessViolaton2020Aug25.pdf (649.5 KB)

Thanks Ed, I'll take a look at these today.

Can you zip up and email me your User Files folder? Instructions on how to do that and my email address are here: Minor GUI Issue with Beta

For your Session Browser bug - was it already open and you were clicking on it in the Window Bar, or were you opening it when the error happend?

The session browser was already open and I was clicking on it in the Window bar.

Toad.el (6.8 MB)

Please see the attached.