Active Editor Tabs

I just received an update to Toad Data Point. My previous version would keep the Editor Tabs I was working on active. So each time I launched the program I would not have to reopen the scripts I was working with. I am not able to locate the setting that keeps the Editor tabs pinned or active. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks

Hey Jack, just to confirm, I scoured the options base in my own TDP, and I don't see anything that controls the persistence of tabs across launches. Maybe one of the Dev/Support members can verify if the option you're describing as been deprecated.

I seem to recall (vaguely) that there was an option in older TDP versions to pin tabs, but if true, it no longer exists in the product that I can see.

Something that's worth looking into is a little-known facility in TDP called the "Library" (snap below). The Library is basically an organized manifest of all artifacts that you're been building/using in TDP. Unlike the Project Manager, where you need to save your artifacts explicitly, TDP updates the Library automatically... think of it as a historical TDP artifact recall list.
It's not the same as your use case of TDP re-opening (unsaved) scripts in its tabs at launch time, but gets you a little closer, IMO. Hope it helps.

Thanks Gary - I will take a look at the Library.

The previous version I was on was TDP 4.2. If this helps locate the option to keep tabs open/pinned

Instead of opening Toad, you can directly open the script by clicking on it, no ?

Yes, I can still open a script by clicking on it.
But having the TDP open with the tabs pinned was a very nice feature I had become used to and would like to continue working the same way.

Hi Jack,
we still have the ability to pin tabs of result sets but I vaguely remember that the ability was removed by user requests for editor tabs because it was easy to pin a tab by mistake.

Thanks Dan for sharing that piece of information. The feature I am talking about is not "pinning" per se. If I had a script in an editor, saved the script, shut down TDP, when I reopened the tab was still there. The tabs would remain open between sessions. Maybe when the ability to pin went away so went the ability to have the active editor remain open. The other development software I use DbVisualizer allows your tabs remain open between sessions through a setting. I was thinking TDP might have a similar setting.

I did my own digging and found out that keeping tabs open in between sessions is a known issue for TDP 4.3

I found this article in support:

In case anyone is wondering, the proposed resolution in the article does not work.

Hi Jack,
Oh, I see - I understood you meant pinning too.
Anyway, I just tried in Toad for DB2 7.2 and TDP 5.4 (edit: and 5.3 too) and it works just as it is described in the support article.