Shortcut to bypass reopening tabs in TDP 3.5??

I just upgraded to TOAD Data Point v3.5 (32bit basic edition) this week. I built a rather large Oracle 10g query yesterday that failed and now each time that I try to launch the program tries to reopen the same 3 tabs and just hangs. Windows 7 doesn’t complain that the application is “Not Responding” but it is completely frozen and has to be terminated with the task manager.

Is there a file that I can edit or a registry setting to keep the offending queries from automatically loading?

Thanks all!

I guess that I assumed that the queries would be locked as Read-Only, but I was able to rename the .TSM files from Windows explorer and then just got a warning that they could not be found when I relaunched TDP.

I’m not sure why I didn’t think to try that before posting ;-(

It sounds like you have the option on to remember your open files from the last session. To turn this off check this setting.