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Active "Find All" Highlighting


One feature in Toad for Oracle that I’m sorely going to miss now that I am switching to TDP is the ability to click on a table/field/alias name and have that string of text automatically highlighted everywhere else it appears in the script. It’s a really fast and helpful way to check on my joins, just for an example of one way I’ve used that feature. If I double-click the alias for a table to highlight it, in Toad for Oracle it would quickly show me where all of my joins are for that table. Or if I have something in my WHERE clause and want to quickly check and see if it’s in my SELECT, or if I need to see if a field in my SELECT is in my GROUP BY. The list could go on for its many uses. I have found that I can do a Ctrl+F and click the “Mark All” button to accomplish the same thing, but that’s a lot more work than just double-clicking some text, so I’m more likely to just scan over the text manually. I’d really like to have this feature in TDP in the next release or patch!

Now before folks start bashing me for not following best practice, admittedly I prefer not to use ANSI joins; I just put all of mine in the first several lines of my WHERE clause so they are together before my filter clauses, but I’m also not a developer and my SQL is only for data analysis purposes. I would switch to ANSI joins for best practice if I was writing code for Production. :slight_smile:


I just saw on another thread where this was reported as a defect in the current version, to be fixed in the version due out in April 2019. Here’s a link to the thread where you can see a screenshot of the workaround, which is to go to Options>Editor>Tools and make sure the checkbox is checked next to the “Show information pop-ups for Objects” option.