Just Upgraded to 4.3.0718 and editor text highlight feature gone. Help!

I am posting to this community as I have googled, searched help and this forum, and gone through all the configurations and can’t seem to figure out if you can turn this feature back on that I had in the previous version.

There was one discussion about turning the feature off in a previous version, but the configuration screens mentioned are not in the 4.3 version.

The feature is one where I highlight a word or text in the editor and toad data point editor will then highlight all instances of matching text in the editor page. For example highlight an alias and see the alias highlighted in other parts of my sql to see where its being used.

I don’t know a technical name for the feature, but the previous version we had it was active by default and I used it a lot. When we just upgraded to 4.3 I do not have that feature anymore. Is it something that is now turned off by default and I can turn it on…or is it gone forever?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hello techsan20,

Thanks for you question. It is a bug and I created issue task for this. We will try fix fast.

Petr Hodovsky

for tracking, the issue number is QAT-12281. We will try to have for first Beta.

somehow this highlighting is related to the below option. If you turn this back on you will get this highlighting back. We turned off this option by default as it can be resource intensive. We will look further into this but this looks like it was by design.

This is fixed and will be available in TDP 5.0.3 due out mid April