Activity Monitoring using Toad for SQL


I have 2 questions:

I’d like to monitor Performance of my DB using Toad. Using MS SQL Studio I used for that reason ‘Activity Monitor’ feature.

  1. Which one would be similar for Toad? I found Monitor - Session Browser feature. Would it be same/similar? Could I use it for checking current activity, expensive queries and other Performance data?
  2. I noticed and signed up for ‘Project Lucy’. But I realized that I did not get Token … and more important: is it supposed to send/upload my data to outside server? If it’s the case I won’t be able to use it since my company firewall will not allow it. Just curious how it works.


  1. Session Browser is similar with Acivity Monitor.

Use the Session Browser to view and work with sessions. From the Session Browser, you can perform the following actions:

View detailed information, including program name, status, executed command, physical IO, and memory usage for any connection

Trace processes

Kill processes

Send a SQL statement to the Editor (Last T-SQL command batch tab at the bottom of the window)

View locks being held by sessions (Locks tab at the bottom of the window)

View distribution charts on the process activity (Charts tab at the bottom of the window). Select one or more processes and metrics to build the charts.

And also can see performance Monitor (Tools->Monitor->Performance Monitor ) if this can help you more.



For the Project Lucy. The Token need sign up in Project Lucy( for now, called Spotlight Essentials ) website and then can get the token.

Yes, The data will be uploaded to Azure. Then the server will analysis data.


Thank you very much

This answered all my questions

The only confusion left that I don’t have ‘Performance Monitor’ item under Tools->Monitor