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New Toad for SQL Server beta announcement

are pleased to announce new beta of Toad for SQL Server at

I want to highlight two new features we have in Toad for SQL Server in this release – Performance Monitor and Performance
Analytics reports via Project Lucy. I have included quick guide for both of them, please take a drive test and enjoy.

Performance Monitor

Monitor Performance allows to view real-time charts visualizing your server performance. Performance Monitor can be helpful when you want to see your changes impact on the server. To run it, select Tools | Monitor | Monitor

Performance Monitor allows to set refresh interval (2 seconds min) that guarantees precision of the metrics, which you can switch on or off at the bottom pane. Performance Monitor provides detailed information on more 15 critical performance metrics, including
waits, batches, CPU, I/O, etc.

To see chart in details move it to the top using arrows and specify the fragment of the chart you want to magnify in the navigation chart at the top. The chart will be scaled to show the selected fragment magnified to the size of the pane. You can move the
selection in the navigation chart to see the rest of captured data.

You can compare captures to see dynamics. Click Captures to select captures for comparison. Ones compared you'll be able to see both charts in one plate, the first capture as a continuous line, the second as a dashed line.

To see min, max and average values calculated for the charts navigate to the counters in the pane below. When comparing two captures, the green signs in the Average columns indicate the preferable state of the system.

You can move charts with respect to each other in the timeline. Drag a line to the left or right to align with another capture's chart.

Project Lucy

Project Lucy is a powerful online service that allows to create performance analytics on your data and its environment. Project Lucy is free of charge and does not require any plug-in installation, you can easily register within the project and upload data
and access reports any moment worldwide.

You can set data collection in Toad and upload it to Project Lucy portal, where it is processed. After it you can view detailed reports, charts, statistics and predictive trends as you upload more data. You can also compare your server health metrics with other
Project Lucy's members. For more information on Project Lucy

To collect data and upload it select Tools | Quest Tools | Project Lucy - Performance Analytics.

Toad allows to schedule data collection and uploading while you can always collect and upload data manually any moment. After the data is uploaded it take some time for Project Lucy to process it. After it you can view online reports, click Open link
in the Reports column. For your convenience, Project Lucy portal is opened in default browser, but you can also embedded Toad browser to see the reports. Select Open reports in Toad to do it.