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Add Jira Markdown as format in Export Dataset

It would be great if Export Dataset functionality of Toad data grid supported Markdown format. That way it would be possible to copy-paste datasets easily to Jira (and Confluence etc.) and have them formatted into tables there.

It's very often necessary to query something from the database, and then export the data as a table to email, Excel, Jira etc. The html table format in the Export Dataset function works great for email, but unfortunately Jira doesn't accept it.

According to this, Jira does support markdown though:

Also, if there were a format that allowed copy-pasting pretty tables from Toad data grid into MS Teams, it would be much appreciated.

I've looked for a way to copy/paste pretty into Teams, but I can't find the format for it. If you know what it is, please let me know.

I'll take a look at Markdown.

Edit: You can almost get there with these settings:

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