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Copy data from the data browser and paste it in a mail, keeping the format

Is there a way to copy data from TDA (data browser for example) and paste into Outlook / Word as HTML (or other editable form) data with the nice format kept ?

In the Data Grid of the Database Explorer copy the rows you want to copy. Right click, and choose "Copy Rows". You will see a formatting dialog. See screenshot. Select the option you want. This will copy the rows to the clip board. From there you can choose where the data goes


Thank you very much for your help.

I know of this way to copy data and use it a lot.
However, when pasting the copied data in a mail, it does not shows as a nicely formatted table.

I need to copy it to Excel, format the table in Excel and then redo a copy and paste to Outlook.

It would really be nice if one could do a copy and paste directly from TDA into Outlook and keep the nice TDA format.


Alexandre Dolique.

Why do you have to send data using outlook message format ?
You can send directly an excel file as a joined file…

Well it’s a question of time saving.
When your day to day job implies sending dozens of extracted data by mail, a simple copy (from TDA) and paste (in Outlook), of course when the data set is not large, is faster than having to copy from TDA, paste in Excel, save and attach the file to a mail…


Alexandre DOLIQUE.

There was another post for this request. At that time I entered CR95800 to add this. I will see if I can get into the next release. (No promises as I see it was in the code and taken out due some issues)