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Copy formated sql into Microsoft teams

is there a way to copy the formated sql in the sql editor to MS teams

in toad

in MS Teams?

I don't know of a way to do this automatically, but if you type 3 ` characters (the thing in the same key with the tilde) before pasting, the line formatting will be preserved.

I was about to say awesome, but it did not work. I will play on my side to see what i can do. I found if I paste into a teams chat, the indents stay the same, but not in a normal chat.

I tried:
ctrl c in toad
in teams ```

in toad
added the ``` and then paste into teams

Also, if there is every a fix on the toad side, you can add a right mouse copy as ... feature, just an ideea. I know there are some much items there already.

BTW, I call that char "tick" but i was wrong

That's what I do. Teams makes an edit box when I type ```, then when I paste into it, indentation is preserved.


What do you mean by "normal chat"?

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How do you make that video?

Normal chat is the "chat", which does not work, and "Teams" it does work. Not a toad issue, all teams issue.

I found a work around, maybe i can make a macro
If i copy to word, copy, then paste again in team, all formatting work. Colors too.

I found this utility. I did not know there is so much behind the scenes in the clipboard

I use Screen2Gif to make videos. It's free and awesome.

I see what you mean about normal chat. For that you can use this button in teams to get a toolbar


then this one to enter formatted text

Teams clipboard format is a bit of a mystery to me. I'd like to make Export Dataset paste nicely into Teams but I havne't found the trick to doing that.

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So I made a simple word doc macro which is very simply. Takes what is in the clippboard, paste, select all, copy and then close. This formats the clipboard contents to paste into teams. Then I added the doc to the external tools menu

So my use case
In toad
select All
hit my cutpaste.docx doc button
go to teams paste.

1 extra button, but it works now. Later, maybe a toad script to do it all in 1 click.

be very care full with this, this is the word doc macro, there is an auto open and auto close word. So if you do not know how to stop the macro, you can not edit the script and it will close word when completed.

Sub AutoOpen()
Selection.PasteAndFormat (wdFormatOriginalFormatting)
ActiveDocument.Close SaveChanges:=wdDoNotSaveChanges
End Sub