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Add missing relationships and "Shadow Entities"



I would like to suggest an improvement/change to the way missing relationships can be added to a workspace.

really like this feature and it works quite well. However, when you have a shadow of an entity on the workspace (e.g. “ORDERS : 1” and “ORDERS : 2”), the “Select missing relationships” in the “edit dialog” will always select the “missing” relationship to the “other” shadow entity as well.

If i have the relationship drawn between “CUSTOMERS” and “ORDERS : 1” the edit dialog will re-select the relationship between “CUSTOMERS” and “ORDERS : 2” as well (which isn’t necessary and essentially defeats the purpose of having a shadow copy of the entity on the workspace)

This is a bit tedious if you have many entities on the workspace, because each time you add the missing relationships you need to go through all the selected entries and de-select those that would be added to the “other” shadow entity.



good point. Change request #110953 created.

Thank you,



Thanks for the quick answer. Is there any way I can monitor the progress of that change request?