Auto - Adding Relationships for new workspaces


when createing new workspaces for detail-views of a big (>400 Tables) Database, is there any way to automatically add all relationships that have both start and end entities on the workspace?

It would be much easier to generate the detail views by just selecting the entities and adding the relationships afterwards instead of having to select both entities and relationships manually.


I hope to understand well - you create a new WS and add some entities to them (shortcuts of entities). Now you need to add relationships to the entities on the new WS.

Unfortunately, there is not any option that fills all the relationships at once. Anyway, this request has already been raised and we will deal with it. CR # 39 517.

At the moment you can:
A. Use the Fill Parent/Child Objects option - right-click the entity on the WS.

B. Do this:

  1. Right-click the WS and select Add Selected Objects to Workspace.
  2. Enable only the Links button to display only relationships.
  3. Go through the list of relationships and select those that you want to add to the WS (see the Object columns where there is the information on the entities that the relationship connects).
    However, I know that if your model is large and there are many relationships, it is not an ideal way at all… So, I’m sorry, at the moment there isn’t any better and more user-friendly solution.

Note: If you use the method B, you don’t have to select both entities and relationships. Just select relationships. Entities that the selected relationship connects will be added to the WS automatically. So, simply create a new WS, right-click the WS, click the Add Selected Objects to Workspace option and select only relationships.

Tip - flash movie:

If you have any questions, please write me back. Thanks.



Thanks for your answer!

Yes, I’m trying to do exactly what you describe. A full ER Model of the whole database can’t be visualized on a reasonably sized pice of paper with 400 Entities - So I’m doing detail views of parts of the database.

As these parts are not completely self-contained (there are relationships to off-workspace entities) method A doesn’t work too well - this drags in the (referenced) additional entities I don’t want to include in the specific detail view

Method B is what I’m currently using; As you stated, it’s not an ideal way, especially with complex models where there can be multiple relationships between the same entities that all have to be selected…

Still, it’s good to know that I’m not overlooking an existing option.

Final question: is there any way to track the CR you quoted?


Generally, you can ask about the progress of CRs here in the community.
All resolved CRs are listed in the Release Notes document of the Beta and commercial TDM.

The feature coverage plan for version 3.5.x has been finished recently.
Unfortunately, as I’ve just verified it, the CR 39 517 has not been included in the plan for next TDM version 3.5.x. I’m very sorry.