Workspace confusion

Not quite wrapping my head around workspaces. I want to create a workspace that only contains a sub-set of entities from my total model. This allows us to focus on these entities only, and keeps the clutter down.

The problem I’m having is with relationships showing up in the Workspace.

If I drag a handful of related entities from the Explorer into the new workspace, only the entities get moved, not their relationships.

If I go to the “All Items” space and multi-select the entities, and then copy-paste them into the new workspace, the relationships go with it.

I would think that if I ever moved more then one related entity into a workspace, the relationship would travel with it.

If TDM specifically does not do this, anyone have any idea why not? Am I missing an important workflow step here?


Ahh, found it myself :slight_smile:

In the Workspace, Rt Click Entity and select “Filel Child Objects” or “Fill Parent Objects”.

Shouldn’t this be the default action when adding items to a workspace?


I have the same concern and confusion… I have created multiple workspaces with the intent of working on different portions of the model. When I drag the entities to the workspace they come over without the relationships attached. I can select all of the entities and fill the parent and child relationships…however it add entities that I’m not interested in having in that workspace.

Any suggestions?



if you add only several selected entities from the Model Explorer, relationships aren't added on purpose.
To add the relationships for the entities added in a new workspace:

  1. right-click in the workspace
  2. select Add Selected Objects to Workspace- the dialog in the screenshot appears
  3. select the Select Lines which Have Both Shapes button on the toolbar- relationships get added.

Anyway, in Objects menu, check Select Links Automatically and relationships will be selected when you select parent and its child entity in a workspace. When unchecked, relationships do not get selected. This does not work when selecting entities in the Model Explorer.