Create relationship


I would like to know id there is a way to create a relationship without using the graphical tool.

I explain myself, I have a large model (more than 250 entities) and to create a relationship I have to zoom out and it’s become impossible to read the names of the entities.

Is there a way to do it by right click to the physical model explorer like for entities.



thank you for your interesting suggestion!

In the version 5.4 this functionality is not available, however I have a tip for you.

Select items in physical model explorer and add them to new "temporary" workspace. Draw relationship and then either delete the temp workspace or remove the items from the temp workspace.

Step 1: Select items in Model Explorer and add them to New Workspace

Step 2: Run Autolayout to rearrange the objects on your new workspace.


Step 3: Add the relationship to your model

Step 4: Delete the newly created workspace.

If you want the relationship to appear in your main All Items Workspace, make sure the Autocomplete checkbox is enabled.

One last tip: to quickly locate existing entity on your active workspace, right click the entity name in Model Explorer and choose Find on Workspace. The entity box will be highlighted.




Ok thanks for the answer, do you think this functionality will be included in further versions ?