Add server instance name to connection

In my company, there are a few sql servers running on the same machine.
I know only their instance names, not ports.
How can I specify sql server instance name I Toad’s connection dialog?

When I use jdbc my connection string looks like this:

I don’t know how to specify “INSTANCE” in Toad.

Hi Chris,
You can simply write "hostname\instancename" at Serer name field. What is the problem?

See how it looks like for me in attached pic.

Thank you.

I tried , / and ; but I didn’t try \

Only \ works.

It is not obvious, that for instance name you have to use backslash and for port comma.

Next time you can try to search the help, it can save you a lot of time… Here is what I’ve found when pressed F1 on Create New Connection dialog:

Enter the name of the server to use when connecting.

Click … to display any servers running SQL Server that are currently active on the network.