Add TablespaceAssignment Package to Toad Data Modeler

Hello, Community.

I am building a ER Diagram to be deployed to an Oracle DB 12cR2 database. In TDM, I canot see where I can add a tablespace to be used for the different objects (tables, indexes and so on). I tried to add TablespaceAssignment package bu I got an error:

Extended package with Id ={3024A445-2DF4-4946-8F66-7E165D07D973} has not been found.


I just tried this and it worked just fine. I created a new entity, named it 'table1'. Then I went to the entity properties and chose "Physical Properties" and chose "Tablespace for table" and clicked on the ellipsis to add a tablespace. I named it "users".

Then I added that tablespace to my entity definition and then when I view the sql preview this is what I see.

I hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply, Mark. I did it just as you suggested.