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Any options to set up optional default physical/table properties for Oracle


I am using the Beta version to create an Oracle 10g physical model. I can specify Physical and Table Properties for individual entities in the Entity Properties window.

However, I am wondering if there are any options to set up default values for these properties. For example, I have 50 tables, 40 of them will be created in the tablespace TS_SMALL, while the other 10 will be in TS_LARGE. So if the tablespace is defaulted to TS_SMALL, I don’t have to change the tablespace for 40 tables. But I can still be able to override the tablespace individually for the rest of 10.

These options should be optional, so they can be flexibly turned on or off if required. They are very useful and effective espcially for large models.

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Workaround: Scripting can help.
Please find attached a script that goes through all entities. Where tablespace is not defined, it will define a tablespace of variable “strTablespace” (TS_SMALL in the script). If this tablespace doesn’t exist in the model, it will be created.

Please run the script in Scripting Window (Tools menu, Expert mode must be turned on - Settings | Options | General | Expert mode).

Note: Let me draw your attention to this script line:
var Model = app.Models.GetObject(0);
//… parameter in GetObject determines with which model the script should work.
//0 = first model listed in the Application View, 1 = second model listed in the Application View etc.

We hope it will help.

In case of any questions, please write us back. Thanks.


Vladka + TDM Team


We hope to understand you well. You want to automatically set some default tablespace when you create a table. Right?
We will consider some options. CR # 60 148.
Set_Create_Tablespace.js (1.21 KB)