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How can I generate a new workspace by selecting a “master” table, then 6 levels of proximity (FK’s)?


I assume from your somewhat vague question that you are using the Toad ER diagrammer and want to create a model/workspace with a table and 6 levels of FK’s. It’s dirt easy. Just open an empty ER diagrammer from the main menu -> reports -> ER Diagrammer and then press the toolbar icon with two plus signs (add objects). You will see a check box that says auto include FK’s - and a field after that for how many levels (default=5). Just check the box, change level to 6 and then below that pick the starting tables(s).


Sorry Bert,

on Toad for Oracle is very easy, but I did not find this functionality on Toad Data Modeler.


Aha - I should have paid closer attention to which forum you posted under - apologies. yes - it is not as easy as Toad. There is a way to reverse engineer “piece meal” - i.e. meaning to bring in some objects and then import others without having to redo the reverse engineer process. But it’s more of like an object palltete and manually include more tables. So it’s not quite as easy as Toad. BUT wait until Vaclav or David get a chance to read and reply - they are key people on the TDM team and may/often have better answers than me :slight_smile:


Do a help on reverse engineering and look at the “live” reverse engineering section. You can get a live database object explorer/pallette to then simply drag and drop piece meal. It’s pretty easy to do - but again does not offer the FK related N levels deep option. But it is a workable workaround that might suffice …



I have one additional tip for you:

Add one or more entities to new Workspace. Then right click the entity or more entities and select Fill | Child Objects.


It requires some “manual work” but the advantage is that you can choose only some tables on e.g. 3rd level and add child objects of the selected tables only. Also, this way you can select some table on 4th level and add its parent to the workspace etc.

(Note: this feature just adds “graphics” to the workspace, no new table will be reverse engineered. The feature works with tables that already exists in your model.)

I hope it helps,