Additional parameters for connections

Hi guys.

Is it possible to add an optional parameter to the connection ? Such as ‘application name’ or ‘app’ (ex: application name=NCC-USER01 or app=NCC-USER01) . In our databases and client applications we have a lot of views that handle app_name() for security reasons. with ms sql managment studio 2008 it is possibile to set that parameter for the connections. Not with the 2005 version.
Now Toad report me ‘Toad for Sql Server’ as app_name().

Hi red5goahead,

so you are asking for add additional parameter (application name) to be introduced on new connection dialog, right? pls see attached image for details.

Yes. check this out from Microsoft Sql Managment Studio 2008.

‘application name’ or ‘app’ are standard parameter for ado connection.

In Microsoft Sql Managment Studio 2008 isn’t perfect because those additional parameters can’t be saved in a profile.

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Thanks for the details. I’ve created CR109376 for this request.

Hi . Any news about my request?


Forget about it…

I downloaded the beta 6.1. I saw it. tnk.

It would be usefull the current app_name() connection’s value on the status bar