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adjust excel report column width using TDA wizard export


I have an automated script that export a table from TDA to excel file, unfortunately
the column width adjust to the default toad width and messe the excel tables format. Does anybody know how to fix this to keep the original excel column width size? Thanks.

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Is your request for an option not to autofit the content for a column when exporting to an Excel file so it retains the default width? I’m assuming you get the same behavior when you’re exporting via the wizard outside of automation. Can you attach a screenshot(s) showing what you’ve described? Thanks.




Yes, I am looking for an option “not to autofit” to keep my original excel column width.

No, I do not get the same problem when I am exporting via the wizard outside of automation. See the screenshots to get an idea of the problem.


Export via automation.doc (398 KB)


Was this issue ever resolved? I would like to know how to automate my report export to Excel so that I don’t need to adjust the column widths by Macro or manually anymore. Thanks!


This enhancement is CR68,586. It will be included in version 3.0.
We do offer setting the column widths per column in the fixed width export type. But that will not help you in the excel report you are building. I can’t seem to find any work around for you. Sorry.