Exporting data in variable-width columns

I running an automated script in Toad for Data Analysts which selects data from a database, puts it in an Excel spreadsheet and then exports the data from the Excel spreadsheet to a flat file. The problem is that all the fields/columns are the same size. I need to make the fields different sizes. This has to be done in the automated process.

If anyone has any answers, please e-mail me at lafargue@police.nashville.gov.

If you use the Export Wizard you can export as Fixed Column Width and set the exact size for each column. This will export to a text file with extension of *.fil. Would this work for you? I believe you have to select a table and not use a query for this to work.

If you need to use a query you could use the Export Wizard to export to an Access Database and then export to Fixed Column Width as mentioned above.

In 3.0 we will offer setting width size for all columns when using a query. We just didn’t get to it in 2.5.1. or 2.6.