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Exporting to fixed length

Any version of Toad...
Whenexport to fixed length, Toad creates to wide columns.
I would like to place one parameter (in Toad settings) to put some fix number for that...i.e. "30CHAR", so every column would be initially wide exactly 30 signs.
This could really help formatting later data when something do not fit.

Toad exports the maximum width of the column since we do not know ahead of time the size of the data inside.

If you want to control the field widths, look at Database -> Export -> Table as flat file. After you pick a table, edit the value in the "Length" column. All the columns under it will adjust as you do so.

I know this.

But i need something quicker...
Imagine you have 10 table to export random, each every day...-no automation, and each time you have to edit long columns...

Do you follow me?
How to shorten this...

There is no faster way to do this in Toad that I can think of.

Maybe Excel has something if you export to excel first?

How about if I gave a fast way in Export Table as Flat File to set all VARCHAR2's (or all columns) to same length? I think if I did something globally like "30CHAR", you'd have to change it a lot anyway, right?

Ok...thx I will look.
My post was more like idea for new setting...thx for help.