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After few minutes of inactivity the reconnect takes a long time

Every time I step away for few minutes the connection has to be reconnected and takes few minutes

First thing I would do is discuss this with your DBA... auto disconnect might have been enabled by the DBA on the database side for most user connections.

Could also be a network issue. Ive suffered that before.

Open the dialogue for checking your open connections for transactions (sorry, cant point you at the button, away from my office right now), set a refresh period less than your usual period away from your desk, and leave it open. See if that works to keep alive your session.



I'm back at my desk, the option you want to try is Session->Transactions
on the main menu bar, or click the button next to the commit/rollback
buttons on the main toolbar. It has a "database" with a '?' on top.


I was told that is the basic security policy which cannot be changed.

Much appreciated!

Thank you,

I did and going to see if that works.

Thank you for your quick response.