All my tabs say the same thing, Physical Data Model

I want to have two models open, but once they’re open I can barely tell the difference between them. I don’t see the model name displayed anywhere so how do I know which is the “new” and which is the “old” if there are only minor difference between them.

I’ve looked at model properties but haven’t noticed anything that might change the tab names at the top (or anywhere else).

I forgot to mention this was a question, but editing didn’t bring the option back.

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Never mind. Both said “Physical Model” and I didn’t realize I could edit them.



Rename the model name - in Model Explorer or Application View:
right-click the model name and select Rename (or click the model name and press F2).

(To open Model Explorer or Application View to rename the model name see the Tools menu.)

The new model name will appear on the upper tab in the Application Window, so when working with them, you will see which model is active.