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Allow custom processing order of Workflows in TDP Workbook

Here is the best way I can articulate what I am seeing and envisioning. If for example I was to spend a large amount of time in designing a Workbook with multiple Workflows to create an output Excel file to be distributed to my team. The structure of the Workbooks is each Workflow creates its own Local Data Storage table where in the last Workflow these local results are all consolidated into a single output Excel file. This purpose of this configuration is a user can go into a specific Workflow and run it individually should they want specific information. If I were to realize at a later date that there is more information I want added to the Workbook I am not able to add it easily. Since the Workflows process in the order they are entered in the Workbook I am unable to add the new data. I could work around this by having the final Workflow output join into the new data, but it would then change the structure of how my Workbook was designed. It is no longer a series of unique Workflows consolidated into a final output. When I use the Hyperion system there is functionality available to be able to assign what order I would like my sections run. This enables me to add a new data set and have it integrate into the final consolidation of the data. If there was just a way to be able to determine the processing order of the Workflows it would accomplish what I am looking for. I would love to be able to re-order the Workflows to make it visually more logical, but if that is not possible the processing order would be more than enough to accomplish what I am looking for.

Hi - the ability to reorder the workflows within a workbook is something that has been requested and is within our backlog. I can't commit to a specific timeframe that this feature would be added, but currently it is something that we are looking to to once we complete adding automation/scheduling to workbook.

Thank you. I am very happy to hear it is in the backlog.