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Allow Multiple copies of Toad to run

Hi, After using the freeware version of Toad for years I bought a License today . The main reason for me buying a license is to allow multiple copies to run. But this doesn't work for the latest version (Toad for SQL Server (64 bit). So you can imagine my disappointment.

It does work however with the previous version I have (Toad for SQL Server (32 bit)) .

But as a paid user I should be able to run the latest version. (And additionally I also can't connect to SQL 2008 with that latest version so I'm already regretting I paid for the license).

Is there a fix available for both issues ?

Kind regards,

Hi Pascal,
I'll send you a link to download a build with a fix for the SQL Server 2008 connection issue.
We don't about any issues of multiple copies running. Can you test it with the 7.1.4 that I'll send you and reply back?
@Pasdut Have you got this checked?

Hi Pascal,

Look at the topic End-of-compatibility with MS SQL 2008

You can find workaround for problem with Sql Server 2008

Best regards,

Hi Dan,

The SQL Server 2008 connection issue is solved with 7.1.4. And the multiple copies issue is solved too. (it appears I had v 7.0 pinned to the taskbar. But I changed the ‘Allow Multiple
copies’ on the 7.1 fresh install. And of course when I tried to open 2 Toads via the pinned it didn’t work because it opened 7.0 instead of 7.1

Thanks for the great support !