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TDM & Win 7: Sync & Convert Wizard do not generate ALTER statements


For a long time we have been successfully using “Sync & Convert Wizard” to generate Alter TABLE Script statements (version on Windows XP-64 bits) that allow us to align our physical model with database tables

Recently our computers has been migrated to Windows 7 professional (64-bits also) and despite that we are still using the same release the wizard seems does not to work properly. It does no generate any ALTER statement (only CREATE table ones).

Has someone noticed this behaviour when usign TDM on Windows 7 professional (64 bits)?



can you send us sample models to, please? Or please try to describe what changes you did and what alter scripts you expect to get.

In Settings | Options you can specify if temporary tables should be generated or not. This affects the result of generated SQL code. In general, the change of OS cannot affect Toad Data Modeler features (or should not :slight_smile:



Hi vaclav,

The clue was in the settings. The “Use temporary tables” option was unckecked despite that theoretically should be selected by default (I never checked it when using windows xp).

Thanks a lot,


I have also and see the same symptom, so I will inspect the setting Vaclav recommended. But could we get a little more advice (where can I find this) on what circumstances would force the Sync wizard to drop and recreate the tables? TIA.

further note - I am using SQL Server 2012 but I do not see the Settings | Options property that is “temp tables”. Sorry for being lost, but I dont see it. TIA


you can find it under SQL Server settings. See attached screenshot.
The rules are very specific. In general, the temp tables are created in case dangerous change that might affect existing data is recognized (for example, when you change data type from Char 40 to Char 20 and so on.)