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Alter table window is bigger than before

Problem version: Toad for SQL 5.6 and 5.7
Edition: Freeware
Description: When I double click table (or right click & alter table) alter table window is bigger than before. If you try 5 or 6 times you will see window is bigger than your screen.

Is this happening only at my computer or general?

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Hi Tuna,

can you please let me know your screen resolution and dpi settings? also are you using any special/big fonts?

I’m using HP pavilion DV7 17.3"
Win7 Home Premium

It’s supporting full HD (1920x1080) and I’m using this resolution
My font DPI scale is 125%
It’s using Windows XP style DPI scaling

9 point Segoe UI, 120 pixel/inch (default setting. not changed)

Thanks for details, now I see the same picture.