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Buttons and Dialog Boxs Display Resolution


The text and screen controls are extremely small in Toad compared to all my other Windows applications. Some button labels and dialog box text fields are impossible to read because the size of the graphics and text are all squished so impossibly small that I can't even productively use Toad.

Could this be a screen resolution issue? Are there any display options within Toad for me to look at?


Most definitely try changing the screen resolution first. Some of the newer monitors have super high resolution. I've personally experienced the pain of micro-small font and tabs and buttons, and it doesn't only affect Toad. Let us know if this helps.


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, reducing the display resolution doesn't seem to work. I have mine set to 1900 x 1220 (used to be 3000 x 2000) with text at 150%, but you can see here that the dialog box title text is cutoff and the buttons in the bottom right are nearly unusable.

Still looking for a fix.


We are aware of our lack of full support for large text and higher resolutions. We have open requests to handle this.