Always a new window and focus problems!?!

Hello everybody,

Fist thing - sorry I’m new to SQL Navigator! But I’m doing better and better…

But still I have 2 problems with this windows application:

  1. I assigned the .sql files to open with the SQL Navigator. But unfotunately - each times I open such a file - it opens also a new main SQL Navigator Window!! I just want to open it as a new “subwindow” in the existing main window. – Is there a preference somewhere? There is also no search function in the huge preference pane! :frowning:

  2. Does SQL Navigator think it’s the most important app on the machine??? Because it wants to have the focus even if I click on another tab in the taskbar - I always have to click twice until SQL Navigator releases its focus…

So I hope someone can help me out with those problem - they aren’t really concerning SQL - just this Application - which is still better than the other one I used… (except for these frustrating problems above)


By the way: I’m using Windows XP SP2 and SQL Navigator Release

Welcome to the community FiveO,

Absolutely no reason to apologize for being a new SQL Nav user… we hope you become an long term SQL Nav user!!
Thanks for giving SQL Nav a chance to prove itself.

  1. We have had this behavior reported by a few people, but not too many.
    I have one WinXPSP2 machine that exhibits this behavior, it is an old GHOST image that I have had for years, that I use for SQL Nav testing.
    I have another two XPSP2 machines plus several VMWARE images that do not do this, they open all SQL files within the currently running session of SQL Nav (as they should).
    It appears to work correctly for all other members of the team (Team, please correct me if I’m wrong).
    Bottom line: We are aware that it happens on some machines, but cannot figure out why. It has to be environmental. But we’re still trying to figure it out!

  2. I have never experienced this behavior… all other applications on my machine take focus as soon as their task bar button is clicked.
    If you + to other applications, do they take focus the first time?
    I don’t recall this being raised by any other users.

  • Jaime -

I actually saw the 2nd one happening once or twice. It also happens with 6.0 Beta. It’s really annoying but I’m not sure if we can fix it in 6.0 due to time constraint.
It normally happens if you use Alt+tab to switch applications.

Thanks for the answers - unfortunately the aren’t solved yet :frowning:

Maybe some additional information:

  1. Well I’m using a normal HP compaq machine (1/2 year old) and there is nothing special on it. So this can’t be the reason. And my colleagues with exactly the same machie don’t have this problem of opening alway a new window.
    My suspicion: I assigned the .sql files to SQL Navigator with the Explorer (Menu: Tools - Folder Options - File Types) - Maybe that could be the reason, because before I installed the Navigator, the sql files were assigned to a texteditor. And also the file icon of the .sql files is still the texteditor and not the SQL Navigator icon!?! But my colleague has the SQL Navigator icon for the .sql files…

  2. Well I know that I’m not the only one with this problem! My colleague has the same problem. Maybe the reason is that we are using 2 displays, connected to a Matrox Grafics card.

Thanks again for your help - maybe you know even more… hopefully

Thanks for your extra comments,

Both issues need more investigation (by us).

  1. I did experiment with the way the association is made (to the .sql files). I compared making the association during install, and doing it via windows, after install. It didn’t make any difference (for me). It still errors on the offending machine and works on the others, regardless of the method that I used.
    There is something more to it… we just have to re-position our thinking hats.

  2. Gwen says she gets this (sometimes) in SQL Nav 6.0 and she doesn’t have twin monitors. So I tend to think that this is not the problem.

We will continue to investigate!! Feel free to offer more suggestions though :wink:

  • Jaime -