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What do you like most about SQL Nav?


This is different from the question about the feature you love most. What I’m asking here is essentially, why did you choose to buy SQL Nav as opposed to anything else on the market today. Or, the question can also be taken another way. If you’ve been a user for years and years, what is it that you love about SQL Nav?

– Daniel


Hi guys,

I’ve been using SQL Navigator since about 1994 (when it was still owned by TechnoSolutions!)

One of the things I like about it was that it was a good hybrid of DBA capabilities (with all the object editors) and a fantastic code editor. All the rest was icing on the cake.

I’ve watch the product grow over the years adding great features like the code execution wizard (my only complaint is the lack of support for NVARCHAR2 in the past), the debugger etc. I’ve been involved in several betas over the years, and always found the development team quick to respond.

Also, as an independent consultant, I’m regularly asked for recommendations on toolsets for new dev teams and I have no problems saying that I am most productive when using SqlNav. I’ve tried the others (TOAD, SQLProgrammer, PLSQL Developer, TOra and now SQL Develer etc) but always come back

The only thing I don’t like (not that anyone here can do anything about it) is the price :frowning:


Hello Dwayne,

It is very nice to get such nice feedback and strong support from you. Thank you very much for your note.

The product grows and exists today, which it owes greatly to the strong support from you and very strong, loyal customers base world wide. Hope that our team at Quest will work harder and provide you an even better tool to assist you and all our users to do your work much more efficiently and productively.

We will try to add more support for NVARCHAR2, and improve the debugger. It would be much appreciated if you can provide us a list of things which you would like to include in Nav to enhance/support NVARCHAR2 and the debugger. We will try our best to have them in SQL Navigator for you :-).

Will need to hand ball to our PM on the price list feedback :-).

It is very nice to have you on board again with our 5.5 Beta program and the Inside SQL Navigator Community.

Best regards,


I inherited SQL Nav from a previous developer, and found it very intuitive, and easy to “get up and go” with it. I continue to use SQL Nav because I have yet to find any other tool that automatically provides a table alias when browsing the data (Quick Browse). I know it’s rather simple and not a show-stopper, but it’s an incredible time-saving feature to have the whole SELECT statement ready for you, and already aliased.

The Difference Viewer has saved me hours and hours of development and QA time, by enabling a rapid comparison between objects and/or scripts. It not only compares them, but provides many useful tools to customize the interface so that I can get to compare exactly what I need. The color-coding is also extremely helpful.

Finally, the Formatter Tools built into the SQL Editor help me to create uniform and consistent code that can read by any other developer without needing to spend time worrying about my coding style.

Oh, it’s also great to be able to edit live data through the SQL Editor. It has really become my main data entry utility!