Any plans for Postgres 9.3 and Postgres 9.4

Hello all,

the current TDM Version 5.2 only supports Postgres up to version 9.2.

Postgres 9.3 has been released 9 months ago but TDM 5.2 does not support it as far as I can tell.

And Postgres 9.4 is currently in beta phase

So are there any plans to add support for Postgres 9.3 (and ideally 9.4 as that has a new datatype JSONB) in the near future?

You are correct - and I am not trying to start a debate. But for most data modeling needs (i.e. tables, columns, views, indexes, etc.) the differences in PostgreSQL point releases is very minor (if any at all). If we were talking about a DBA tool for managing the database then the argument would be more adept. For example can you name anything in 9.3 or 9.4 that would be different on a data model? I cannot think of any so I am asking. It’s easy to get hung up on point release support as being critical - but there have to be things that make sense (i.e. new things to data model) in order for most recent point release to be a critical issue. Again I am asking - just provide some examples and we’ll adapt our thinking …

Using “PostgreSQL 9.2” in TDM is not a problem, I do agree with you there. It’s not critical at all - sorry if my post sounded that way.

But to clear up a misunderstanding: 9.3 (or 9.4) is not a “point” release. It’s a major release (same difference as e.g. between Oracle 11.1 and Oracle 11.2)

I am just curious what the roadmap for supporting the current version(s) is.

Good example - there are no new data modeling objects in Oracle 11.2 vs. 11.1 - so not a high priority other than for marketing bragging rights for version support. So if you can provide some examples of any new data modeling needs (i.e. help educate us on this end) then we can adapt. Right now it would just be to certify that we can connect to 9.4. You may well know more than we do - so please feel free to provide any objects we’re missing.

As I said: the Postgres 9.2 profile can be used for 9.3 without problems.

TDM 5.2 can connect to 9.4 as well and referves engineering seems to work as well with the exception that it creates the new JSONB datatype as a “user data type” and not as a built-in one (which was to be expected).

I was just curious whether there is a plan and if so, what the roadmap is.

But the answer seems to be “there are currently not plans for 9.3 and 9.4”

It’s on the roadmap but lower priority (today) vs. updated SQL Server and DB2 new release support.