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Any way to keep comments?

Hello, when I synchronize my SQL code in the query the comments I have written disappear. This only happens in query builder, not sql developer but I am more comfortable starting new queries in QB. Is there away to keep comments written in the query section of query builder?

I see this as a good enhancement suggestion... Dev team members monitor the forums to pick this one up... can't guarantee, of course, that this will make a near-term release...

Hi Jonathan,
when I tried it I found out Toad only removes the asterisk-type comments if they are before or after the query.
To reproduce I created a simple query, switched to editor, added a couple of comments and then executed and then some of comments are removed.

Thanks Dan, it doesn't seem to be consistent in my experience. For example, I can't get any comment to stay within the FROM session. If I put a comment in the Select statement, it also adds that comment in the same part of the GROUP BY section. For example in your diagram above, is there the /this is a comment/ at ADDRESS.STATE in your GROUP BY? In the WHERE statement I seem to be able to add comments.

I've opened a task TMB-2572 "Query Builder removes some comments before and after script when you perform visualize and execute". It should be addressed in future releases.