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AQ subscriber action in schema browser?


While researching an issue with AQ queues a colleague noticed that the schema browser tabs for queues / queue tables do specify the subscribers to the queue, but he could not find the ‘triggered action’ to be executed upon arrival of a message.
We did find that the script tab for the Queue holds the statement defining the Agent, but the configured action was not in this scipt.

Is this onformation available in Toad? Have we missed something?

Thanks in advance,

On SB-Queues RHS, there is a Subscribers tab. It is loaded by this query:

Select consumer_name name, queue_name, address, protocol, transformation trans_name, dbms_lob.substr(rule) rule_name


where queue_name = :nm

and owner = :own

Are the subscribers not listed as a result of this query, or are they in the result but not shown in the tab?

For the script tab issue, can you provide a sample script for me that I can reproduce the problem with?


I forgot about it: this happened on an Oracle 9 database. The RULE column is not present in the view.

I understand that on later versions of Oracle the information we were looking for would have been shown.

Thanks & have a nice weekend,