Are we going to get a Freeware for 6.8?

I don’t really need the full version of Toad for SQL Server, but the current Freeware is only on 6.6 and is terribly buggy. When are you going to update the Freeware to 6.8?

BTW, I’d pay for a “lite” version of SQL Server if it had everything the Freeware had the “Edit: snippets, predictive typing, syntax highlighting” of the full version. I just don’t need everything the pro version has and can’t justify $700 for that. But $150 or so for a lite version I could justify.

Freeware has now been updated to 6.8.


  • Nate


When i try to download le freeware, I only have the Trial version :frowning:



We are looking into this right now. Apologies for the inconvenience.



during freeware installation it asks for a License and a Site message. cannot add it or go further.

Any advise??


We will notify everyone when we have re-staged the correct freeware installer.



Sorry about the prior problems. We have made available new Toad for SQL Server 6.8 Freeware downloads for both 64 bit and 32 bit.

Linked from the Downloads page and from the Toad for SQL Server community on Toad World.


  • Nate


The Freeware is working, thanks.

Any chance of getting a paid for Lite version as I suggested? The only thing I could use full functionality on that isn’t in the Freeware is the exporting capabilities. I use the export to SQL a lot for ad hoc data fixes and LOVE the export to excel instance. I would pay for a Lite version that was like the Freeware but also allowed all the export features of the full version.

I’ve used Toad for MySQL for over 10 years. I love Toad for SQL Server and want to support Quest Software, but $650 for the full pro version is just too much as I don’t use most of the functionality that comes with it. I use Toad more as a replacement for SSMS. So a Lite version would be great.

Just my two cents.

Any option for a Lite version yet?

Bump. Any luck on getting us a Lite version of Toad for SQL Server?

See my above rant for why I’m asking for it.

It already updated. Try to use new version.